Thursday, August 21, 2008

In Confessional Mode

In my previous post, I cited as the reason for my hiatus a contentious poets' strike when, in fact, no such strike took place. To be clear, poetry has undergone no recent labor stoppage & poets, for the most part, have continued to churn out work, however much they may be discouraged from doing so.

If you frequent my blog, then you've come to expect lies. My life's pretty dull, though not especially pretty, so I dress up the drudgery. It's called writing, ok? However, to fob you off with some hackneyed idea about a poets' strike . . . for that, I am ashamed. Where's imagination? What ho, originality? WTF's wrong with me?

At the time, lying seemed like a good idea as, to be honest, it usually does. If poets were to strike, how many people would know? Therefore, I felt confident I could cover my laziness with what I thought a clever lie. In retrospect, it wasn't clever, but the opposite of clever--revelc?

Truth is, I haven't felt "writerly" lately. Oh, I go through the motions. I sit at my desk. I sip my coffee. I blindly hit a few keys, but mostly I heave heavy sighs. I would confide in you possible causes for my literary lethargy if I could, blaming, among other things, the recent declassification of documents that I feared would expose me as a top secret spy. However, maybe the real reason comes from sheer physical exhaustion after my having spent the summer tromping across America spreading the gospel of beauty, i.e., poetry, which may seem to some an almost noble endeavor, if true.

Dear reader, if I still have one, forgive me for my prior deception. I lied. Not only did I lie, but I presented a lame & unoriginal excuse for my not posting for nearly two months.

In the future, I will make all efforts to lie with Imagination & Creativity personified--promise! Meanwhile, may you enjoy these poetically scattered breadcrumbs before the prosaic flock hovering overhead like a dark thought balloon swoops down.