Thursday, September 29, 2016

Go Green!

Partisan Democrats claim that even though Clinton’s a progressive (as if), a number of conservatives prefer her to Trump, which goes to show what a dangerous, incompetent megalomaniac he unarguably is. However, it's hard to fathom that notorious neocon Robert Kagan would have endorsed Bernie Sanders were he the Democrats' nominee.  Kagan, no matter how dangerous he may consider Trump, would surely deem Sanders’s platform equally dangerous. It's also highly unlikely that George H.W. Bush would have suggested, even on the sly, that he’d vote for Sanders.  Regardless of his disdain for Trump, he’d probably have kept his no-new-taxes lips shut rather than offer support to a self-proclaimed socialist.  Nor would The Arizona Republic, outside maybe a special April Fools’ Day edition, ever have endorsed Sanders.  Given that polls continue to show her running neck & neck with dumbass Trump, the point to extrapolate from these endorsements is not that Clinton is the right candidate, one who draws support from divergent political sectors, but rather that Clinton is the right-wing candidate, one whom conservatives back because she’s a neocon, too.