Friday, August 17, 2012

Demonic Literature

  • A Bael for Adano, John Heresy
  • Barbatos, Par Lycanthorpe
  • Beelze Budd, Herman Hellville
  • Catch-666, Joseph Hellraiser
  • Daimones, Hermammon Hesse
  • The Dark Angel, Lillian Hellman
  • Demon Juan, George Gorgon, Evil Overlord Byron
  • Fear & Lucifer in Las Vegas, Hunter Hiss Thompson
  • For Whom Belial Toils, Ernest Hellontheway
  • Goatshead Wilson, Mark of the Beast Twain
  • "Goblin Mosh Pit," Antichristina Rosetti
  • God Amon Is Hard to Find, Flannery Occultist
  • "God's Grand Error," Gerald Mangoat Hopkins
  • The Grasp of Wraiths, John Satansback
  • Grave Expropriations, Charles Diggings
  • The Great Ghastly, F. Scott Fallenangel
  • The Hellbound & the Furies, William Fuckgod 
  • "An Immodest If Not Immensely Immoral Proposal," Jormangund Swift
  • The Interpretation of Demons, Succubus Freud
  • Isle of Hellhounds, Thomas Gnashingofteethe
  • "I went to hell," Emily Devilson
  • The King of Tartarus, John Gremlin
  • "Kthulhu Khan," Samuel Taylor Coldwitch
  • The Lady of the Lake of Fire, Cerberus' Altar Scott
  • Lilitu, Vlad the Impaler Nabokov
  • Look Hellbound, Angel, Thomas Werewolf
  • The Magic Mangoat, Thomas Manngoat
  • The Man Who Should Be Killed, Rudyard Killing
  • "The Mephistophiles," Frenz Karkass
  • The Moon & Six Imps, W. Somerset Melchom
  • Mrs. Hellaway, Virgin Blood Woolf
  • The Myth of Seraphims, Albert Camio
  • Native Sin, Richard Wrong
  • The Necessary Anger, Malice Stevens
  • Nero & Narcoma, Matt Morose
  • "On Lamia's Breasts," Robert Heretick
  • On the Origin of Succubi, Charles Darken
  • The Pentagram in the Rye, G.D. Slanderer
  • Poltergeist's Complaint, Philip Wrath
  • Prince of Darkness, Joseph Gonebad
  • Sins & Sinsability, Jane Allsin
  • "Song of Mictlantecuhtli," Walt Wickedman
  • Songs of Exorcism, William Bleak
  • Tess of the Devil, Thomas Hellboy
  • "To His Corpse Mistress," Andrew Morehell
  • To Kill a Motherfucking Bible Thumper, Harpies Lee
  • The Televangelist Manifesto, Karl Marax & Friedrich Evil
  • 20,000 Legions of the Underworld, Ghouls Verne
  • Uncivil Disobedience, Henry Devil Thoreau
  • The Un-god Seeker, Sinmore Lewis
  • "Unholy Willie's Prey," Robert Forever Burns
  • Vileland, Thomas Impchon
  • Vrykolakas Fair, William Makewar Chicanery
  • War & More War, Leo Totaldestoryeroflivestoy
  • The World According to Gaap, John Incubus
  • "Worm Hill," Vermin Thomas

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Rhymes with Dejection?

Clearly you're awfully good. In the end, though, no single poem won us completely over, although the baseball one came close.

Our apologies. We wish you the best placing this work elsewhere.


Thank you for submitting your poetry. We enjoyed reading it but after careful consideration have decided that we cannot use it at this time.

Please feel free to submit other work to us in the future.


Please try us again next year.

We enjoyed your submission and are sorry for taking as long as we did to reach a decision. Your poems made it through our entire reading process and were read by all of our editors. Unfortunately your poems were not selected for publication.

Thank you for sending us your work. We really enjoyed your submission, but we didn't feel it was a right fit. 

Sorry to say No on this and I wish you the best of luck elsewhere.  These are interesting and clever and pretty much accomplish what you set out to do. The judges just happened to like others better.

I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that although I think the way you have the poems designed on the page works, this would be extremely difficult and expensive to typeset and a lot of publishers would shy from it just for that reason. I'm not saying that's right. I'm just being honest.


Thank you again for your submission. We appreciate the chance to read your work, but have decided to pass. We wish you the best of luck in placing your poetry elsewhere.

Thank you for letting us read your work. We're sorry it's not right for us at this time.

We are sorry this particular manuscript was not selected for publication. We hope you will send us another soon, though. We could not publish without the fine writing submitted to us. While we regret that the large number of submissions we receive makes it difficult for the editors to respond personally, we want to emphasize that an editor personally read your manuscript. Devoted reading is part of the editorial mission; it is also our own personal one.

Thank you very much for submitting your manuscript.  Unfortunately, your work has not been chosen as the winner of the prize or as a finalist.

We'll have to pass on this submission, sorry to say. Thank you very much, though, for letting us have a chance with your work.

We have given your work close consideration and find that it does not suit our present needs. We wish you success in placing it elsewhere.

Your work is gorgeous and we'd love to publish it in the upcoming weeks. We love the lush, powerful language and the rich imagery. *

After careful consideration, we have concluded that we are unable to publish your work at this time. The opportunity to assess the unpublished creations of writers from around the world is a great privilege and responsibility, and with that in mind, we want you to know how honored we are that you have trusted us to consider your work. We invite your further submission and correspondence and remain grateful for your continued support.

We very much appreciate the opportunity to read your work. We read your poems with interest, however we decided that they do not quite meet our current needs. It's unfortunate that we receive more good work than we can publish. We hope you will send us more poems in the future.

I'm sorry to tell you that I've decided not to publish any of these pieces. Thanks again for thinking of us, and please keep reading.  I wish you all the best in your writing.

* The magazine subsequently folded before the poems appeared.