Sunday, April 14, 2019

Asshats Applaud Assange's Arrest; MSM Maintain Misinformation Mission

I hope those praising Assange’s arrest—that includes MSNBC, CNN, NYT & WP—are wearing their MAGA hats proudly.  As if to show how few principles they actually have, these erstwhile partisan hacks, the sham of Russiagate still upon their hands, have joined team Trump in the persecution of a journalist whom they view as hostile to their politics.  While they continue to misrepresent the truth, if not outright lie, about Assange’s case--as is their wont on issues of the state--it’s important to remember these are the same sources that got nearly all the facts wrong in the Russiagate debacle.  You'd think audiences would be wary of MSM manipulations by now, but it seems some people don’t want the truth. They’d rather believe in unsubstantiated cloak & dagger plots than accept that their own government is as corrupt & inhumane as any in the world.  For some, it’s more palatable to gobble up the idea that Assange's publication of leaked DNC emails cost Clinton the election--& probably sainthood, too--than to choke down the bitter pill that she's a corrupt warmonger who’s slightly less likable than kidney stones, or worse, Trump.  Sorry, America, but it’s like my great-great-great-uncle Jake used to say, you can’t spell “suck ass”  without USA.  In fact, with the exception of a couple of letters, “suck ass” is wholly a product of USA.  Now there's American exceptionalism for you.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

More Examples of Irony

Over the past couple years, Facebook & other social media sites have been censoring--they call it filtering--the news, banning many alternative news sources from their feeds.  The rationale behind this censoring--er, filtering--stems from the notion that the mainstream sources publish reliable, vetted articles, but the non-mainstream sources are purveyors of fake news.  No evidence of such allegations were ever shown, but many of these so-called "fake news" sites, it should be noted, frequently present views that don't coincide with the official Washington report.

During this time, such mainstream sources as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, & MSNBC have run a bevy of stories, despite the lack of substantive evidence, about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, while many of the so-called "fake news" sites have expressed much skepticism, given the selfsame lack of evidence for such claims.

Funny thing, the "fake news" sites had the story right, while the mainstream corporate media deliberately reported blatant hokum--the same way it continues to spew ridiculous lies about Venezuela, among others, to trump up US policy.   I'd bet you that some would venture to call that sort of thing propaganda.

Facebook, however, in light of the above revelations, has not removed its filters, but instead has doubled down, asking for further governmental oversight in regards to what they should & shouldn't allow on the site. Why not eliminate news censorship--er, filtering--altogether?  Propagating stories from sources proven to have published false & misleading stories while censoring--er, filtering--those that have proven to have got the story right is not merely illogical, but--given many people get their news via Facebook & other social media feeds--dangerously akin to brainwashing.