Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time for Visions & Revisions

Why am I smiling?

For one, my hair has grown back. If you don't know the story of my horrible of horribles haircut, you need only read my Pushcart-eligible blog post from June, dubbed Poetic Truth, for the lowdown.

By the way, I never seriously blamed Dubya for my bad haircut; it is, in fact, probably one of the few atrocities he isn't responsible for, but the point remains it was an awful haircut, and he's an even worse president.

But it isn't for sake of hair alone that I smile.

Last month, I placed third in the Pudding House Press annual chapbook competition, and as a result, Here's How, is being published.

So that's why I'm smiling. Mostly. There are other reasons, too.