What I Read in 2011: Book Edition

Rewriting Jarrell's "The Soldier"

In a Dream

Toward a Better Tomorrow

Sir Philip Sidney's "An Apology for Poetry" (Abridged)*

Walter Sobchak's Take on Occupy Wall St.

Real Steel Or Reel Steal?

Odi Et Amo

Return from the Himalayas, Part 6

Dream of Wheat

Lines from An Imaginary Life

On Last Looking into Eliot's Collected Poems

Art Necro

When I Was Young

Follow Your Dreams

Return from the Himalayas, Part 5

Hey, World!

Good News

Obama's Yes, We (Republi)can Agenda

Quote of the Day

Letter to the Editor


French Phrase Book Theatre


In Light of My Recent Birthday


For the Love of Liszt

What Are You Reading?

Toward a New Disambiguation

A Few Thoughts on National Poetry Month

Ars Poetica

Return from the Himalayas, Part 4

Dear Blah Blah Blah

What "The Change" Means to Me

With the Goo-Goo-Google E-book Previews

Blog Rage

Last Respects for Dagwood