Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fighting Fake News with Fake News

After billionaire schmuck Mark Suckerberg (British spelling) testified before Congress that he'd allowed Cambridge Analytica to use Facebook as a virtual glory hole, I expected the scandal would force the US to expel British diplomats, make the BBC register as a foreign agent--in my opinion, The Guardian too--& vilify, besmirch & otherwise smear the Queen & Theresa May. 

OK, the last of these I do anyway & it's nothing to do with Cambridge Analytica.  

The upshot of the scandal/investigation/bullshit is that Facebook (as well as Twitter & Reddit, if I'm not mistaken) is stepping up its efforts to filter feeds to protect us from fake news.  I'm not sure exactly how the censorship--er, filtering--system works, but I'm pretty sure its purpose is banning any info or opinions that our corporate overlords don't want shared.  Instead, FBers will be treated to generous & unadulterated doses of propaganda based on flimsy to no evidence in support of our latest war--er, "humanitarian intervention"--followed by a fluffy feature on Meghen Markle's upcoming royal nuptials.

If you haven't read Herman & Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent, you should.  In the meantime, in case you've forgotten Judith Miller, New York Times lying sack of shit columnist Farhad Manjoo's "For Two Months, I Got My News from Print Newspapers.  Here's What I Learned" serves as a risibly good example of just how untrustworthy so-called vetted news is.