Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top Ten Hits

The following list shows my most popular posts, according to the blog's auto-tracker--if you can trust Google.  Personally, I don't know that you can.  The arithmetic seems off at times, but what do I know?  I have difficulty balancing my checkbook, though that's primarily because I find negative numbers confusing, if not meaningless.  Speaking of which:

1.  Emily Dickinson Post is the runaway leader, with twice the hits of any other post & only half the calories.  If you're a fan of Emily Dickinson, perhaps you'll enjoy Greetings from Boston.  If you're a fan of the pseudo-bio thingy, then perhaps you'll like In Memory.  Now in individual fun-size servings!

2.  Imitation of Immortality is a parody of sorts of C├ęsar Vallejo's oft-imitated "Black Stone on Top of a White Stone."  By the way, if you have a parody of Vallejo's poem, please feel free to go to this post & share it.  If you're into parodies, perhaps you'll enjoy the ironic dissection of the process in Composition of Parody.

3.  R-S-T-U-V, Find Out What It Means to Me places third, thanks to geometry.  Apparently my attempt to echo, however loosely, Aretha Franklin spelling out the title in her hit single "Respect" parallels a particularly tricky math problem, in which the letters R-S-T-U-V represent points on a geometric figure.  For those who've come to this site looking for help with your math, haha!  Hmm, I wonder if people who Googled implementing 2nd Amendment Rights were directed to Going Ballistic?

4.  How to Make The Divine Comedy Relevant to Today's Audiences, a tongue-in-cheek Lucas-esque adaptation of Dante to film, is one of my personal favorites.  If you like this post, perhaps you'll enjoy Homer's Space Odyssey.  Also, The Iliad.  Similarly, why not give Richard Lovelace, Vaudevillian a read too?

5.  Rock'em Sock'em Robots:  The Movie is the post that spawned the clearly plagiarized movie starring Huge Jackoff.  I wants my monies, bitches!  I can't help but wonder how come nobody's ripped off this yet?

6.  New Zoo Poetry Review #11 is the result, were I to guess, of web searches for New Zoo Poetry Review.  So if you're looking for magazines, may I also recommend NYQ 64Interpoezia 4, What Are You Reading?, & Verse & Adversity.

7.  Presidents' Day Poem gets plenty of hits in February, so I figure it's school related.  If you're an educator, please feel free to use "Washington Crossing the Delaware" in the classroom.  Also, since you've come here looking for classroom material, let me steer you to my extremely helpful comments on "The Road Not Taken" in Frost Warning

8.  Blog Rage is pretty much self-explanatory & if you want to read more angry rants, check out Walter Sobchak's Take on Occupy Wall St.Laying Claim to the NameDear Blah Blah Blah, & A Few Thoughts on National Poetry Month.  Hell, come to think of it, if you want angry rants, just click about anywhere on this site.

9.  Hey, Hollywood!  I Got Your Next Blockbuster Right Here! is my initial reaction to the aforementioned Hollywood ripoff.  For a later response, read Real Steel or Reel Steal?

10.  The Top Ten Poetry Posts Ever & More serendipitously sits in the 10th spot of this list. If you like lists--& why the hell not!--click here, here, & here.