Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Self-Promotion Begins at Home

I have several new poems online:

"Imitation of Immortality," a parody of Cesar Vallejo's "Black Stone on White Stone," is up at Linden Avenue Literary Journal.  (Actually, I was unaware that it was posted until recently, so you'll have to look in the Archives for the June 2016, Issue 49.  You need to scroll down to find my poem, but you can read other poems along the way.)

Bindlestiff has posted a couple of my poems, "The Birth of Venus" & "1981" in its inaugural issue (Summer/Fall 2016).  It may not look it, but "The Birth of Venus" is a tanka chain sonnet.

Marathon Literary Review has published "The Meaning of Life"  (Issue 10, June 2016).  In case you missed it, you can also find "Off to 'Nam, That's Where" in Issue 8.

Great thanks to the editors & all the good people at the above magazines.