Monday, October 22, 2018

Examples of Irony

Wow!  SNL socked it to President Cheeto again!  Admittedly, I'm basing this on the Bing's "news" headlines.  I haven't watched that show since Belushi OD'd.  For that matter, very few of the skits from the early episodes of SNL stand the test of time the way Monty Python does (see illustration), but that's beside the point.  My main gripe against what passes for political satire in the corporate-controlled mainstream media is not so much its stale brand of humor, which is irksome, as it is the notion that's what's wrong with America goes no deeper than the personal foibles of one blowhard with a terrible comb-over.  To say such "satire" suffers from oversimplification is oversimplification.  The fact is, America's problems are systemic.  Every US administration shares the blame for America's history of horribly fucked up policies.  

Monty Python, Dead Parrot Sketch, Oil on canvas
Trump, despicable as he is--& he's Looney Tunes levels that--isn’t unique among presidents.  You ever notice how much he's like Ronald Reagan?  Both are Republicans, former TV personalities, & racists.  Probably the biggest difference between the two is perception.  Last I heard, much of the media & most people dislike Trump, yet loved--perhaps still love--that miserable yakking asshole Reagan, idiotic knob that he was.  

Well, I suppose such a shift in sentiment counts as progress these days.  I mean, sure, voters still elect bigots, but at least they don't like them, right?  It’s the same sort of pinheaded progress exhibited by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer when he proposed renaming the US Senate Russell Office Building--named for Georgia Senator Richard Russell, a staunch supporter of Jim Crow laws—after John McCain, who voted against making Martin Luther King Day a federal holiday.  Jesus & everyone in D.C. wants to wax poetic to eulogize McCain as a hero & statesman, never mind his hawkishness & corruption. I get it--McCain died.  But not speaking ill of the dead doesn’t necessitate blindly heaping kudos upon the departed, so pardon me if I don’t participate in the McCain lovefest.  Also, fuck Chuck Schumer.