Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I Read in 2011: Book Edition


1. Selected Poems, Apollinaire
2. Sky, Michael Benedict
3. The Complete Poems, Stephen Crane
4. Ulysses, James Joyce
5. Poems Seven, Alan Dugan


6. The Tormented Mirror, Russell Edson
7. Off the Map, Gloria Fuertes
8. Vita Nova, Louise Gluck
9. What Narcissism Means to Me, Tony Hoagland
10. Collected Poems, James Joyce
11. Passing Through, Stanley Kunitz
12. Masterpieces of Japanese Puppetry; Sculptured Heads of the Bunraku Theater, Roy Andrew Miller, English adaptation
13. The Whitsun Weddings, Philip Larkin
14. Travels, W.S. Merwin


15. Dear Blood, Leonard Nathan
16. Love Poems of Ovid, trans. Horace Gregory
17. Winter Trees, Sylvia Plath
18. Selected Poems, Pierre Reverdy
19. A Simple Plan, Gary Soto
20. Malloy, Samuel Beckett
21. Riven Doggeries, James Tate
22. The Dirt, Nance Van Winckel


23. Swann’s Way, Marcel Proust
24. Riding the Earthboy, James Welch
25. The Good Earth, Pearl S. Buck
26. The Foggist, Dean Young
27. Family Reunion, Paul Zimmer 


28. Fate, Ai
29. The Stillness, the Dancing, Linda Bierds
30. Within a Budding Grove, Marcel Proust
31. The Poems of Catullus, trans. Peter Whigham


32. The Bomb, Howard Zinn
33. A Drifting Life, Yoshihiro Tatsumi
34. Candide, Voltaire
35. Aunt Julia & the Scriptwriter, Mario Vargas Llosa


36. Boone’s Lick, Larry McMurtry
37. The Crying of Lot 49, Thomas Pynchon
38. A Russian Beauty & Other Stories, Vladimir Nabokov


39. Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy
40. Poems Seven, Alan Dugan (2nd time this year)
41. Collected Poems, T.S. Eliot


42. Something Rotten, Jasper Fforde
43. An Imaginary Life, David Malouf
44. Complete Poems, Kenneth Fearing
45. The Great Fires, Jack Gilbert


46. The Erotic Poems, Ovid, Peter Green, trans.
47. The Legend of Light, Bob Hicok
48. War & Peace, Leo Tolstoy, Constance Garnett, trans.


49. La Vagabonde, Colette
50. The Moviegoer, Walker Percy
51. Ghost Town, Robert Coover

52. Inherent Vice, Thomas Pynchon
53. The Dwarf, Par Lagerkvist
54. The Complete Poems, Randall Jarrell
55. The Art of Love, Kenneth Koch

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rewriting Jarrell's "The Soldier"

In the first year
of the first war
each taught each
to give all for all,
all alike, the poor
& the poorer,
deaths sown over
continents like salt
for the old
evil--the good
of trade, so books
once red
as blood may show
a profit to die for.