Thursday, June 9, 2016

Don't Let Partisans Use Your Understandable Fear of Dollary to Scare, Shame, Coerce, Chide, Goad or Otherwise Bamboozle You into Voting for Clump

After historic levels of voter fraud & suppression in the primaries, whatever the outcome of the (un)Democratic Convention, rest assured that I’m not voting for the historically presumptive nominee, Hillary "Nuke'em" Clinton.  The “lesser-evilists” among us will say that such a decision serves only to help Trump, but the lesser of two evils argument is a fallacy. Such a strategy rewards & perpetuates the corrupt system that continues to provide us with corporate-crapped candidates, such as this year’s esteemed heaps, two potential felons, Clinton & Trump. Jesus Maria Rojas Alou, it’s like choosing between Hitler & Mussolini. Trump, by virtue–now there’s irony for you–of his desire to be “associated with interesting quotes,” has called dibs on Mussolini, so that means Clinton is fucking Hitler. (No, I’m not seriously comparing her to Hitler. I’m saying she’s having sex with Hitler.) Hypothetically, if you had to choose between Hitler & Mussolini, how do you vote? Well, if you say Mussolini isn’t as evil as Hitler & you’d vote for him, I hope you’re proud of that vote when the blackshirts kick the fuck out of you & leave you sprawled in a pool of blood & piss in an alley, staring up at the boot ready to crush your skull. If you say you’d vote for Hitler, somebody should punch you right in the fucking face, you antisemitic asshole. Morality would dictate that you not vote for either, yet here we are in 2016, with a greedy, lying, blood-sucking, neoliberal warmonger on one side of the aisle & The Donald on the other & we’re asked to vote for the lesser of two evils.  That’s fucked up.

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