Saturday, November 15, 2014

Now on Smellevision

The Brokenwind Mysteries.  Passed for promotion for the last time, Geoff Artly is all set to leave the police force until a recent streak of crimes smells, if not fishy, then just plain rotten.  Partnered with the department's eccentric, case-quacking phenom, Duck-tective Quacky Modo (The Eider Oar Fallacy), Artly's sure to get to the bottom of things.

Series 1:

Who Farted? [Two Hour Pilot]
Silent But Deadly
Dirty Laundry
Last Chance for Gas
If the Cheese Is Sliced . . .
Skid Marks
Helter Smelter
Lingering in an Elevator
All Lit Up Like Xmas

Series 2:

Sticky Drawers
Who Brought the Duck?
Darn Tootin'
Mo' Beans about It
You’re Rich But Trump’s It
Something Died in Here
An Old Windbreaker
Gas Who?
Strange Case of Dr. Pepper & Mr. Pibb

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