Thursday, November 27, 2014


If you died of loneliness,
would anyone guess?

A robo-call come evening
that nobody heard ringing;

a sad tree toppled
in the forest unpeopled.

Later, a neighbor,
disgusted by the odor,

might drop by unannounced.
Not knowing you’re dead,

he'd stand at your door knocking
loudly & shouting,

“I know you’re there!”  The dummy.
But at least it’s company.


mackdad said...

Where did you go my friend..?? 2333

mackdad said...

Tim Markin,,, remember me??

mackdad said...

Tim Markin,,, remember me?? Did you unfriend me on FB?? I didn't do that. Are you still on FB? I miss your daily posts. Let me know either way.

Matt Morris said...

I didn't unfriend you. I deactivated my Facebook account for various personal reasons. Thanks for asking.

Matt Morris said...

I'm not sure when or if I'll return to Facebook, but you can always keep in touch with me here.