Thursday, September 11, 2014

Favorite Punch Lines

1) Twenty dollars, Father.  Same as downtown.
2) I never stole that rope!
3) Because I don’t have enough shit to make a senator.
4) First, though, we need to check your hearing.
5) Shut up!  I’m not talking to you!
6) That’s just like your aunt, in the closet playing hide-go-seek while your dad’s in bed having a heart attack.
7) Why don't you throw yourself out & make everybody happy?
8) Boy snakes stand up to hiss.
9) I don’t know, George.  Something about you just pisses me off.
10) You’re already on the other side.

What are yours?


Riley said...

Hell, help me find my keys and we can *drive* out of here.

Matt Morris said...

Do you repeat that 10 times? Otherwise, you're short a few punch lines.