Saturday, September 6, 2014


(Note:  The following refers to the previously posted “A Brief & in No Way Complete List of People to the Left of Barack Obama”):

One person definitely NOT to the left of Barack Obama is Hillary Clinton. (Hilary Duff, yes; Clinton, no.) Clinton’s perhaps conspicuous absence from this list is not merely happenstance, but based on the clear & irrefutable evidence that she’s even more hawkish & bat shit crazy than the reigning Pres. Battlelord I’ll-Bomb-Ya (see forthcoming Star Wars VII).  Yet many Republicans & so-called progressive Democrats alike, as well as the media–let’s not forget or forgive the corporate media–continue to brand her as a centrist or more fallaciously a liberal, to which I must loudly add, NEOLIBERAL–& if you think that simply means “new liberal,” complete with the marketing implications of a “new & improved” product, as in “now in pizza flavor,” I strongly suggest you research the term.  For those of you who would question, given my exclusion of Clinton from the list, why I would then include, for instance, the likes of Dick Cheney, let me say first in my defense that I’m mentally ill.  Thank you for your understanding.   Also, you would do well to remember that it’s a fracking joke, okay,  meant to suggest that Cheney & Obama, rhetoric aside, aren’t as different as some like to think, in that neither blinks when it comes to killing.


Riley said...

The problem with the words "neoliberal" is that it has one e too many.

Matt Morris said...