Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stevens: “The Imagination Is the Only True Genius”

I'm looking for Wallace Stevens' quotation from The Necessary Angel about poetry being nothing if it doesn't please.  Something like that.  Of course, I may have imagined it, which wouldn't surprise me, but the world is an imagination we believe.  (As Dr. Joad would say: "How, then, does the world come to appear to us as a collection of solid, static objects extended in space? Because of the intellect, which presents us with a false view of it.")  I'd read the book earlier this year, so I could check my notes, but I thought I'd spare myself the suffering & sorrow of looking for my yellow legal pad--as if I had only one!  As a poet, I must resist the pressure of reality.  Instead I decided to search online, albeit without success.   However, I came across this cool video of Bill Murray reading Wallace Stevens on the somewhat unfortunately named site, Moving Poems

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