Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Look

Returning visitors will note the design change of this page. If not, please do so now while I check on my laundry.  Ok, so you've probably realized by now that I finally bit the blogger bullet & switched to one of the new design templates. Here, "new" means introduced within the last four years or so. Thing is, I've been hesitant to alter my blog, but in my defense, well, I'm not exactly sure why. 

Anyway, with this "new" look, readers can now share posts with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. with a single click. My friends on Facebook may have noticed that I recently shared several of my previous posts. I did so because I wanted people to read a few what I considered neglected posts, as well as to test the ease of this feature. Could sharing be easier? Of course, but psychokinetic technology is still forthcoming.

Also, if you like a post, but don't want to write a comment because you don't have time to put together a bunch of nouns & verbs & who knows how many punctuation marks, now you can register your "Reactions" by simply checking the appropriate box or boxes provided. I always appreciate feedback, especially the positive kind. Speaking of, your thoughts about the new look are welcome. So too are laundry tips. My damn towels are still damp!


Riley said...

Wait, we have to use nouns, verbs *and* punctuation marks? What kind of high-maintenance blog have I found my way to?

Matt Morris said...

Thank you for your inquiries. For the sake of clarity, I should point out that while nouns, verbs & punctuation marks are not strictly required, they often prove beneficial in communication, so one may feel obliged to make use of them. With this in mind, it may be inaccurate to describe this as a "high-maintenance blog," regardless of the kind. I hope this clears up the confusion.