Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When I Was Young

I liked to draw & paint.  For a while, I considered majoring in art when I went to college, if for no other reason than live nude models.  Though true that, decomposition aside, dead models can seemingly hold a pose forever, scouring cemeteries for fresh graves to locate suitable corpses for my artistic endeavors proved exhausting, especially on school nights.  Ultimately, poetry--my first love, my only love--won out.  Being a poet doesn't require skulking about graveyards, but it sure to hell doesn't hurt.  Since I'm unfamiliar with the statute of limitations regarding grave robbing, I'm reluctant to share examples of my "art necro" here, but perhaps the sketch shown below may illustrate why I opted to study literature & creative writing instead.

Self portrait at 17


Zack said...

Neat! Did you mean "seemingly?"

Matt Morris said...

Yes, thank you. I've made the corrections.