Saturday, August 6, 2011

Obama's Yes, We (Republi)can Agenda

With the debt-ceiling deal, his latest piece of legislation, perhaps it's no longer accurate to accuse Pres. Obama of caving in.  More than likely, he's being true to his belief in Milton Friedman's economics.  The debt-ceiling "crisis" was a manufactured disaster that allowed the Blue Dog White House to enact regressive right-wing policies, not to mention to take attention away from his continued abuse of the War Powers Act.  Obama may claim he's for Main Street, but that's just the usual political rhetoric. (You don't get elected saying you side with the fat cats.)  Like most dupes in Washington, he's a fully owned subsidiary of Wall Street.  Just like free verse is free because you don't get paid for it (not really, but I wanted a poetry reference), there's a reason it's called "disaster capitalism":  the results are a fucking disaster.

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