Tuesday, February 1, 2011

With the Goo-Goo-Google E-book Previews

If you'd like to sample my work, then follow this link to the Google book preview of Here's How.   The preview allows you to read six of eighteen poems, including personal favorites like "Road Service," "Hole," & "Night at the Improv, c. 1600."  If you read only one book of poems this year, that puts you one up on most people I know, & Here's How is an excellent choice.   

In case you're wondering, yes, my other Pudding House chapbook, Greatest Hits, is also available as a Google book preview.  Strangely, the preview contains a number of printer errors (corrected prior to publication), so I'm not linking it here.  Of course, if you're determined, it's easy enough to find.  Simply type "greatest hits" & Google instantly links you to sites for Greatest Hits t-shirts, tickets, tailgate parties, maps--all the information you want & need about Greatest Hits.  Or read the 99% error-free version by purchasing Greatest Hits wherever Greatest Hits is sold. 

But now, Here's How.


Riley said...

I think I'll stick to reading it the old fashioned way since I actually have a hard copy of both. I do indeed highly recommend reading them in whatever form possible, preferably though, in a form that puts a little dough-re-me in Matt's pocket.

Matt Morris said...

Amen, Brother Andy, sing it!

Zack said...

Haha. One of my favorites is Ars Poetica. I love its ambiance. It seems so quiet, so useless, as irrelevant as a dreamy bit of imagery, yet it is so noisy at the same time. The mood is dreamy to me in the sense that people are talking, but seemingly can't be heard over the noise of the room itself. This isn't an interpretation, btw.

I don't know what your poem means, but does it have to mean anything? I think you've created something beautifully dank, sir.

Matt Morris said...

Thanks, Zack. In his "Ars Poetica," Archibald MacLeish says, "A poem should not mean / But be." If you want to read the MacLeish poem, here's a link to an interesting blog (albeit not as interesting as mine, ahem):

Zack said...

Wow. This is great. Thanks.