Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prolegomenon for Any Furious Readers

It's come to my attention that I may have misled readers in my previous post about my current situation.  While elements of the entry are at least based upon fact, I took poetic license to embellish certain aspects in order to serve my artistic purposes.  I'm sorry if I caused undue concern, but I don't apologize. 

One would do well to remember that statements made in this blog are not necessarily part of what pragmatists entreat us to accept--given their contempt for insolvable metaphysical questions--as reality. 

I'm a poet--& not the virtuous kind who praises gods & heroes, but the other sort, that scurrilous ilk whom Plato in The Republic regards with such suspicion & hostility that he banishes them from his ideal society.  To put it simply, poets are liars & as such, detrimental to the state. 

Not surprisingly, in his lengthy discussion of absolutes & forms, Plato neglects to mention that this harsh censorship is a form of totalitarianism.  Viewed in that light, isn't his much ballyhooed discourse just an ancient percursor to Mein Kampf?  Isn't Plato himself little better than Hitler in a tunic, a wreath of laurel leaves adorning his big tyrannical head? 

Absolutely yes--or no--whichever supports my point, which is one needs to read this blog not merely as a source of entertainment, but in the proper perspective, as something incredibly rare & noble, a bastion of resistance against iron-fisted philosopher-kings.

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