Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Important Message for Poets & Their Loved Ones

This coming Sunday afternoon at 2, the mixed media poetry troupe I perform with--I juggle pantoums while riding a mad ghazal up a Burmese climbing rhyme blindfolded--presents an encore showing of Poems in an Exhibition at the Cabell County Public Library at 9th St. & 5th Ave. in Huntington, West Virginia. Most of the verse is free, though authors will have selected volumes of their work for sale.

If you've not caught this act before--or even if you have--bob & wheel downtown for an aesthetic movement you don't want to miss. Fabliau, professor emeritus at the Fleshly School of Poetry, will reunite with his longtime partner, Little Willy, Crown Prince of Syzygy, to present the burlesques & clerihews that made them household words in Tornada & the tri-state area.

Macaronic verse & molossus will be served. Couplets welcome. Parataxis & quatrains are conveniently located within walking distance of the library.

Epic fail if you're not there.


Riley said...

I wish I could be there. Why not video the thing and put it on Youtube?

Matt Morris said...

The group has talked about taping it, but personally, the only way I could record it would be with copious note-taking. As Max Baucus would understand, I don't have a YouTube.