Sunday, January 17, 2010

R U Ready 2 Rock?

Pudding House Publications, with no association whatsoever with K-tel International, proudly presents Matt Morris: Greatest Hits 1982-2009.

Twelve creative hits! Three decadent decades! One original artist!

Feel the power of "Aspects of Dagwood," "Spirit of the Dead Watching," "Ars Poetica," "Night at the Improv, C. 1600," "Life of God," "Road Service" & many, many more.

Remember the Clash . . . Devo . . . X . . . the Ramones? Sure, I do, but I'm f'ing old, I confess, as the cover--as well as the insightful, entertaining sleeve notes printed inside--suggests, for 1982 represents not the year of my birth--say it ain't so--but the publication date of the first poem in this twisted chronology. (Ok, I'm dating myself, but on the upside, I'm a total pushover once plied with a few poems, so guess who's getting lucky tonight? Heh, heh.)

Yes, there's magic in the music. The Hives. Polysics. The Flaming Lips. White Stripes.

Plus, if you order now, you'll receive--at no extra charge--the never before published in any book, "Scenes from a Sonata." Rush delivery available! Get yours today!


Zack said...

Holy...! A Green Jello allusion. Never in my life have I... "Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin."

Thought you'd appreciate a post here since Facebook has consumed your consumers.

Matt Morris said...

Thanks, Zack! Yes, I appreciate the comments on the blog itself. Since you seem to like "Three Little Pigs," you may enjoy the Meteors' "Little Red Riding Hood."