Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Free Sample

Since my web page remains under construction, I've decided you, gentle reader, should be rewarded for your patience. Therefore, I'm providing you absolutely free of charge a poem freshly selected from my chapbook, Here's How--which, if you care about me & by extension all humanity, you'll freely purchase a copy of tout de suite.

Leda & the Sun

A lemon wedge pushing through some ice cubes
which are actually clouds, the sun beads down
on the woman. As if feeding a flame,
she re-lubes the backs of her thighs, her ass
round as a turtle shell. Knowing the sun
isn't really a fruit, she shakes the sand
from her peroxidic mop. Fingers climb
her back to find the vague string that loosens

with a quick tug her small swimsuit & she
wriggles free. Now the sun's on her however
she turns, her skin tingling with each ray's
penetration. Being so undone, does
she shudder in light of the changing tide
when the indifferent sun goes down on her?

This poem first appeared in the long defunct Great Midwestern Journal during the last millennium--so there's the test of time, the test of all great poetry, put to rest one way or another--under the title "The Sunbather." I changed the title prior to the publication of Here's How--which by law you've implicitly agreed to purchase by continuing to read my post--to "Leda & the Sun" in an attempt to ride Yeats' considerable coattails.

My dear reader, of course, you don't actually have to purchase Here's How. You could buy Nearing Narcoma, my prize winning first book, which is now out of print, so be smart & pick up a few extra copies today before it's a collector's item.

Also, be sure to ask me how you can receive an autographed copy of either book. Or better yet, both! Operators are on duty. Inquire within!


Riley said...

Isn't the idea of freely purchasing something a bit of an oxymoron? Or is it just a plain old everyday moron?

Matt Morris said...

Au contraire! You'd have to be an extraordinary moron to pass up this amazing offer for incredible savings on books guaranteed to be literary classics!