Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poetry Reading

If you come to Empire Books (located in Pullman Square) on Saturday, April 5th, between 5 & 7 pm, you can hear me read from Nearing Narcoma & Here's How. The reading itself should start around 6-ish. I'll be available beforehand if you want to chat. Of course, I'll glady sign copies of either or both books. I can't promise free hot dogs & balloons to everyone in attendance, but if you mention this post, I can probably offer you a mint. If you live outside Huntington, the following links may help with your travel plans:

Tri State Airport

Here's hoping I see you there!


Vic Burkhammer said...

I linked to you and gave your reading a plug at:

It's on the second page of the Borges item.

I'd like to be there at your reading, but I don't know if I can work out the scheduling.... so know that I'll be wishing I were there. I've heard you bring a great sense of humor to some of your poems.... All best,

Matt Morris said...

Thanks for the plug--hope to see you there!