Friday, March 7, 2008

In Re: Verse

Given my last post concerning the poetics of fear, I would feel remiss if I didn't at least mention the fear of poetry, or metrophobia.

Why would someone fear poetry? Poets use language in ways that many people don't understand; as in most walks of life, people generally fear what they don't understand.

"Metrophobia," you may find interesting to know--I know I do--is the title of one of my poems that appeared in Segue (as well as in my book, Nearing Narcoma). If you're not familiar with Segue, acquaint yourself. It's a great online magazine.

If you don't know about Nearing Narcoma, stop hiding under the covers. Take the time right now to confront the book Roger Weingarten describes as "hellbent breathless" & Charles Harper Webb calls "balls-to-the-walls, full-speed-ahead language," "wired," as Joy Harjo puts it, "by a couple hundred horsepower & loud rock."

Nothing scary. You need only follow the link. I'll wait here with Walt Whitman for you. Now go on. What are you--afraid?

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