Saturday, May 19, 2007


What am I reading? Dean Young's Embryoyo. Funny story: I introduced myself to Dean Young about ten years ago at a writers' conference as a big fan--I'm over six feet tall, 200 plus pounds, and he, well, is not. To demonstrate, I waved my arms--big fan, get it?-- and quoted from one of his poems, something about needing a ladder to paint the sky. "That must have been a long time ago," he said, seeming not to recall the lines. He signed copies of Turbulence and Strike Anywhere, my two favorite Young books, and spoke with me briefly. Several months later, I'm reading at home when I discover that I'd mistakenly quoted David Lehman. If that's not funny, at least it's mildly amusing.


Riley said...

It's good anecdotage at the very least, mild, medium, or downright zany.


newzoopoet said...

I found it downright laugh out loud funny. Just discovered your blog, Matt, and am enjoying it thoroughly.

Matt Morris said...

Thanks! Hope you don't mind if I take your comment as an official endorsement =D