Two Parties, One Pathology

Not only Covid-19, but another pandemic is crippling America these days.  Many Democrats, often referred to as “liberals,” even if only by themselves or MSNBC, applying the label liberally & inaccurately, suffer from Drumpf Derangement Syndrome, a thinking disorder brought on by media-induced hatred in which the afflicted become every bit as chowderheaded as the commander-in-cheese.  Reduced to believing Vladimir Putin is a cartoonishly evil supervillain covertly controlling the world, these drooling, mindless souls embrace—literally, in the case of Ellen DeGeneres or Michelle Obama—George W. Bush.  Yes, that silver-tongued Cicero of our time who started us down the road to ruin of preemptive wars, torture, indefinite detention, & the erosion of rights in general, Dubya, "the decider," is now dubbed a “real president.”   

Often mentioned (perhaps pictured in a tan suit) alongside Bush as a "real president" is every Democrat’s all-time fave, Barack Obama. Not only was he the first African-American president, but his administration was also historic in regards to the number of people he deported, the frequency of his use of the Espionage Act to prosecute whistleblowers, & the expansion of drilling & fracking all over the world. The candidate of “hope & change” lived up to his promises as by changing the definition of “change” to mean codifying the horrific policies of the previous administration & “hope” to mean fuck off.  For instance, Obama expanded & extended the Patriot Act, illegal surveillance, & drone attacks; made Bush’s tax cuts for the rich permanent while cutting Pell Grants, welfare, food stamps, & in essence, Social Security; legalized killing American citizens without a trial, striking down habeas corpus; played a part, directly & indirectly, in undermining & usurping democratically elected governments to place right-wingers/fascists/neo-Nazis in power; & so on & on & yawn.  Definitely a “real president,” he accrued such an extensive list of “accomplishments” that it exceeds even the virtually unlimited space of this blog, though I probably should mention for the sake of irony the Affordable Care Act, which was the creation, in his own words, of a “marketplace for healthcare.”  Also in regards to irony, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nixon making it perfectly clear that he's a real [expletive deleted] president
Always eager to garner myself some sweet “liberal” cred, I want to remind amnesiac “progressives” of another “real president” to wrap what remains of their brains around:  Richard M. Nixon.  OK, I know he’s way too much of a “lefty” for today’s political arena, what with how he, having failed like those administrations before him to bomb Southeast Asia into oblivion, ended the illegal & immoral Vietnam War, & helped form, while opposing it bitterly—which was, truth be told, pretty much his usual disposition—the toothless & duplicitous EPA.  Nevertheless, the ol’ Dickster was a true trailblazer in surveillance & spying on political enemies, though his deeds, by comparison, may seem quaint to today’s jaded voters.

If it seems that our leaders keep getting worse, it’s not an optical illusion or sleight of hand.  You may begin to suspect that it may be a systemic problem that the duopoly proliferates.   The false dilemma we’re given this election illustrates the problem dramatically:  You can vote for a corrupt, racist, sexist, warmongering, out-of-touch neoconservative who says embarrassingly stupid things, or you can vote for a corrupt, racist, sexist, warmongering, out-of-touch neoconservative who tweets embarrassingly stupid things. 

Call me a dreamer, but I believe some who call themselves liberals have hidden inside the core of progressive principles, but from naivete, ignorance, or sheer laziness accept the fallback narrative that corporate media sell us that Democrats are liberal & Republicans are conservative.  However, it doesn’t take much investigation before realizing that both parties serve the interests of the same corporate masters, not their constituents, & as a result differ substantively less than they or the press would lead you to believe.

Don’t be fooled by partisan noisemakers.  The question of who you’re voting for is a trick question. Now is the time for alternative parties to make the voice of the people known.  End the duopoly.  Support alternative candidates. 


Nelly said…
Continue to speak the truth! Love your humor while doing so!