Monday, February 1, 2016


If you don't know, I like to play basketball.  This surprises some people who don't believe
anyone over the age of 40 can do so.  I'll concede that I've lost a step or two over the years,
but what I've lost in hops & speed, I've gained in pounds.  While I'm allowed to make jokes
doesn't mean I need orthopedic socks because I don't--repeat don't--have varicose veins.  

Apparently, though, the people at the pharmacy where I recently ordered a new pair of ankle
braces didn't get the memo on that.  Imagine my chagrin--it looks, if I may offer assistance
to the imagination-challenged, a little like a bear that mistook a nest of hornets for a honey-
as I tied my shoes.  Who knew my back would be so out of whack from shoveling snow?  I
get it:  I'm old.  That doesn't mean I should quit doing anything that's not sponsored by the
International Shuffleboard Association (ISA).   For one thing, I don't like shuffleboard &
for another, I don't like being disrespected by shoe salespeople or online pharmacies.  

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